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Dragon Age: Origins Patches
Dragon Age: Origins 1.05
General Fixes
Downloadable content will properly authenticate once installed.
Fixed an issue where some users with DirectX10-era video cards were experiencing significant lag within menus and interfaces as well as sudden spikes in area load times.
Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition Fixes INSTALLATION
The Ultimate Edition installer for the EA Download Manager (EADM) version of the game was placing the CD-Key in the wrong location in the Windows registry.
EADM has been replaced with EA's Origin system and this error has been corrected in the new Origin installer.For those who purchased and installed the Ultimate Edition via EADM, the Patch 1.05 installer will copy that CD-Key into the correct Windows registry location.


パッチ1.04 Edit

As promised over the weekend, BioWare has released their long-awaited v1.04 patch for Dragon Age: Origins and its standalone Awakening expansion pack. While you're downloading it from here, you can check out the patch notes in our earlier newsbit.

Because Awakening automatically installs the v1.03 patch, you should only run this patch after the expansion is installed. If you run it before installing Awakening, you'll have to run it again in order to reinstate the fixes.

パッチ1.03 Edit

You do not need to download patches prior to Patch 1.03. Downloading Patch 1.03 contains all previous patches. Downloading Patch 1.03 will provide you with all patch data available.

  • Various changes have been made to code and resources to support the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening expansion pack. Most of these changes do not affect Origins itself.
  • Some players were experiencing increasingly long load times. A major cause of this problem has been fixed.
  • At higher levels, non-player characters now receive a bonus to armor penetration. This mitigates an unintentional imbalance with well-armored high-level characters, since armor penetration previously did not scale as aggressively as armor itself did.
  • Elite-rank enemies (lieutenants) can no longer be shattered. This preserves the intended tactical design of many combat encounters.
  • Portraits for summoned creatures (like a ranger's wolf) were displaying improperly while in the party camp. This no longer occurs.
  • Dragon Age:Origins - Awakening用のパッチ
  • 一部のPCでのロード時間の短縮
  • Elite-rankの敵は粉砕することが出来なくなります。

パッチ1.02 Edit

パッチ1.01 Edit

2009.11.6 にパッチが公開されました。バージョンは1.01となります。


  • fixed potential corruption of character statistics
  • fixed portrait appearance sliders when importing a character from thedownloadable Character Creator
  • fixed import for preset face settings from the downloadable Character Creator
  • made Easy difficulty easier
  • slightly increased attack, defense, and damage scores for all party members at Normal difficulty
  • fixed video issues when running on a very wide screen display, including ATI Eyefinity displays


  • 間違っていたキャラクタに関する数値を修正
  • キャラクタ・クリエイターからインポートするとき、肖像外見スライダーがおかしかったのを修正
  • キャラクタ・クリエイターからの予めセットされたフェース・セッティングからのインポート
  • 難易度Easyはさらに簡単になった
  • 難易度Nomalではパーティメンバーの攻撃と防御、ダメージが上昇した
  • ATI Eyefinityを使用したディスプレイに関してワイドスクリーンに表示の問題解決